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For all the men and women who stand against feminism. I'm not an mra. I don't even really consider myself an egalitarian because I am a traditional woman. Just a simple person with a burning hate for feminism.

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Jay mothafucka
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March 9, 1993
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ur anus

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    That’s just it, Tumblr is full of these feminists. “I’ve never seen a feminist on Tumblr who believes any of these...
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    I love how it’s a parody of the “Nice Guy” argument, yet brings up very good points.
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    Then you’re a piece of shit. ^
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    When people take it too far, Im a guy and im all for feminism too. But when you get people that think like this and...
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    Why would you do that :-( that isn’t equality!
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    He hated everyone shut up
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    Jesus Christ do these people really exist?Like… Why can’t we all just… Get along?
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    The point flies so far over their heads in their hope to push their agenda and propaganda. It’s fucking ridiculous how...
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    So a man killed himself, plus FOUR OTHER MEN, because he hated women?

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